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​How to Choose the Right Chicken Coop – Part 1

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You probably haven’t stumbled across the CoopsDirect.com.au website unless you have decided that you really want to raise chickens. But like any other animals, chickens have specialised needs that must be considered – starting with choosing the most appropriate coop.

There are many different styles, sizes, designs and features in housing them - all you have to do is run your computer’s browser. However, we would caution that coop design is a minor thing to consider and before choosing a design there are other things you need to be sure about.

1. What breed are you considering raising?

Different birds have different needs. There are birds that require bigger space for them to grow healthily and it will not be good for them to be kept in a confined space. So before you consider the design or size of the coop, research thoroughly the space requirements for growing the bird of your choice.

2. How much is your budget?

Be realistic when choosing your coop. Often it will be much more expensive to build one yourself - especially if you have no experience. By the time you pay for all the materials such as wood, wire, laquers and stains and take into account the time or labor required, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars more than purchasing a flat-pack ready to assemble coop from Coops Direct. It is also important when planning your budget to consider whether you are looking for a temporary solution you or something that will last for years.

3. Where are you living?

It is very important to consider the weather and the type of surroundings you are in. Remember, a coop is primarily shelter for your pets, not necessarily a stylish new feature for your backyard! So make sure that it will serve the purpose - that is, to provide a spacious environment and to protect your birds from the elements and possible predators. Don’t sacrifice the safety of your chickens with the aesthetic design of their coop - they certainly won’t care about the latter!

4. Is it accessible?

Make sure that your coop is near food storage and obviously to your house as well. It is important not only for the birds but for your convenience as well. You are the one who will be walking backwards and forwards to their coop feeding them and visiting them several times a day – make it easy on yourself! Also, to avoid learning crazy new yoga poses, select a coop with good accessibility for cleaning. An opening hinged roof, lots of doors and a slide-out waste tray will make it much easier on your back & muscles when it’s time to clean the coop. And remember that some ventilation is important for your pets’ health.

These are just a few tips to consider on how to choose the perfect coop for your chicken. The success of implementing this is in your hands, so good luck!

Stay tuned to the CoopsDirect blog, more helpful tips to follow soon…..