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Henny Penny Hatching Programme

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One of our CoopsDirect customers recently made us aware of the Henny Penny Hatching programme. This is a great Australian programme which provides an educational experience for kids - bringing the joy of watching eggs hatching, and chicks emerging from their shells, right into schools & kinders across Australia.

They provide instruction to the teachers on how to operate the programme, provide resources for the kids and provide 24 hour on-call service. Best of all, if families wish to keep the chicks after they hatch, the kids get to keep them for free!

We have assisted several families who have received their brand new chicks through Henny Penny with finding the perfect chicken coop - with most newbies ordering our Starter CoopBaby Chicken Pen.

There is also great information on our blog on coop hygiene that is useful for the first time chicken owner.

We at CoopsDirect look forward to assisting more families to house their new chicks from the Henny Penny Hatching programme!

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